Rohit John Chettri Dropped First Song From New Album "Jhari Pachiko Indreni"

Rohit John Chettri has released new song "Har Saas" form his upcoming album "Jhari Pachiko Indreni"

After the immense success of first album "Bistarai Bistarai" singer Rohit John Chettri is now all set to release his second album  "Jhari Pachiko Indreni".

Chettri has recently dropped the very first track "Har Saas" from his second album on Friday.

"Har Saas" is written and composed by Chettri himself. The song is accompanied by Pratik Baniya on Bass, Nirantar Yakthumba on Piano, Umesh Pandit on Flute and Mark Donald Rani on Drums. The credit Mix/Mastered goes to Bikal Pradhan @ Audeus Studio.

Enjoy the track.   



rohit john chettri "Jhari Pachiko Indreni". Har Saas