Sabin Karki 'Beest' dropped music video featuring Dikshya Thakuri

Sabin Karki ' Beest' features Dikshya Thakuri in a song "Viral Bhaidiyo"

The former leader of a dance crew 'Cartoon Crewz' Sabin Karki aka 'Beest' has dropped a music video for a song "Viral Bhaidyo" featuring with Dikshya Thakuri on Thursday. 

The ideator of the video is Beest himself. The song is sung, written and composed by Manas Raj.

The music video features Dikshya Thakuri, Sabin Karki (Beest), Merry Khatri, Sabrina Gurung (Flow), Subham Bhujel, Shankar Dhungana (Kakku) and Xiring Theeng (A).  

 Though the storyline of a video follows an old way, it is very entertaining. The videos flow in a way where a guy meets a girl, fall in love, dance and sing for her, makes her smile and finally impresses her. 

Watch the video.  

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