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We Are for Services

SuRiSi provides an informational and marketing services primarily for the Nepalese businesses and expatriates, small and large, new and old around the globe. We are here for Service Provider and Service Seeker, as we value the need of service that a provider provides as per seeker’s needs.

What About us?

We provide excellent web services in a very reasonable price that will elevate the business revenue, and expand the customers base, resulting in pleased customers and business owners. This is us taking a step to provide a service, what do you provide?

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The Mission

SURISI mission is to connect Nepalese expatriates with the great local Nepali businesses in USA; Furthermore, we hope to enrich lives of Nepalese consumers and small business owners. In pursuit of this mission, we want to provide the most helpful information possible about local Nepali businesses.

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Show people what you do. Start your own service, that helps people. You will think users would not need your service, but you will be surprise. Mark your service for free or earn an extra pocket money out it. We will leave that to you to decide. Click the button and open your service TODAY.

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