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New Business and Success- A way forward in achieving both Roots of success

Are you thinking of initiating a new business? Or are you thinking of expanding an existing business to newer  states and newer customers? If so, are you thinking about maximizing your revenue and implementing newer  ideas into your new business? Human mind has an infinite capacity to think and envision a future that will always  be better than the one we are currently living in. Every human species has an idea, upbringing, perception and  vision in their life, and it transcends their personal, professional, political and business aspects of their life.

Everyone, if not majority of people want to be an owner or run their own business at some point in their life.  People have tried, invested huge sums of money to their new business ventures and majority of them have failed  miserably, losing a lot of capital, time and energy on a failed venture.

New start up business requires capital but that has very little significance to the success of the business. Overall,  we need more than capital and resources to succeed in business world. The business world is more competitive  and challenging as we are moving to the future of the world ruled by Artificial intelligence, digital and print media.  How can a new business mind enforce a successful business? We SuRiSi are here to help you.

Roots of success:
Business strategy- Know yourself and know your customers

If you as a business owner have a clear vision of your business, understand your strength and weakness and have a precise understanding of your customer’s needs,  your business will succeed very well but that will require a business plan and presenting yourself towards your  future customers. We SuRiSi will take your business ideas and present it to the potential customers in many different ways that will attract potential customers.

Business strategy- Information and more information

We live in a very fast paced world, where information travels faster than sound. As a business owner, your new business and products can reach out to the customers very quickly and efficiently. We SuRiSi will take your business information and spread the words out to the general population through means that are already available out there but in a very effective and efficient way.

Keys of Success:

Treat your customers like wild animals Your customers always behave like wild animals. They are hunting for  different options at different given time like a place to eat or a place to visit, a product to buy etc., just like a hungry lion hunting for his next meal. When a lion sniffs a scent trail, he quickly decides: will the scent trail lead to a good meal? And will it be an easy catch? Your customer considers the same two things: Does your business offers the service that they are looking for? And can they find the business with a simple search?

In modern days, when your customers are sniffing around to visit the place that they are looking for, they use  google to find such business. Let’s work things out with an example, if you own a Nepalese restaurant business then targeting only a single community to visit your restaurant is not a good idea. You should be able to target other community tool. In doing so, you will do few things listed below to catch an eye of your potential target:

  1. Website
  2. Google business listing
  3. Social Media pages
  4. Ads placement (newspaper, local yellow pages etc.)

As a business owner you think you are following the right strategy, you are not. As we have said before, consider  your customers as wild animals, and you are placing your bait for all of these wild animals roaming in a big ocean,  where it’s really hard to see your bait by a customer because you are not alone on finding the right eaters who  would like to visit your restaurant.

Advertise for Scanners

How many people read/watches Ads?
Hardly anybody! Research suggest that only 16% of people reads/views advertisement. So how does a business owner advertise for scanners?

Hitting the right target market. Instead of placing a bait in the ocean, try putting it in a lake first. Interpretation, place your ads in such places which targets your potential customer or in other word scanners who are scanning places to visit or product to buy.

Let’s take the same example of owning a restaurant and you are launching a new menu item such as Mo:Mo. At the initial phase your business will need to target customer who are familiar with this name (Mostly Nepali community). Therefore, your business needs to place your ads in such places where targeted community visits and  reads frequently. This will lead to increase in customers viewing your ads and understanding it by 80% as most of  the people will know what Mo:Mo is and are willing to view that ads with an interest.

Make it easy for hunters to find you

Potential customers are hunting for information or products or services. Help them find your business when they  require it. Lure your potential customers to your business by providing useful information about your business.  When you do so, find a place where your writing is precise and clear with a Search engine optimization and be able to do the following:

  1. Answer the questions potential customers are asking
  2. Discuss one key topic for your customer about your business
  3. Include links that you provide your customers in a presentable way
  4. Uses phrases and words your  potential customers are looking for and use it to crawl information about your business

These are some easy steps that can be followed in a disciplined way. There are vast arrays of ideas and principles a business owner should retain in order to become successful in their business. Not everyone has the luxury and privilege to accomplish the task listed above with precision and clarity


Don’t worry, the purpose of this article is to do both, what a business owner needs to do to maximize their revenue and how to accomplish that goal.

We present you SuRiSi – The Nepali service finder. SuRiSi, provides you with all  the solution listed above along with others that will allow our business users to find their market nice and  maximize their revenue. SuRiSi mostly targets one community along a city and tries to deliver viewers of what is needed for them to feed on.

We provide business with the statistics of their listings and an origin how a customer has landed to their Business listing. SuRiSi also provides an option of social media advertisement for the business owners. With this option selected you can save your time on creating and managing the social media advertisement and put those extra time on planning for other aspects of business success.


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